Adam Busby
Graphic Design, Illustration and Murals


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.
— Scott Adams

What is it that you do.

My name is Adam Busby, known to most as Buzz. I am a Designer, Illustrator, Mural Artist and plant lover. I am passionate about seeing people's dreams and visions come to life through design and visual communication.  

Describe your style.

Creating unique personalized designs really keeps me excited about projects, and keeps it fresh. Simplicity and timelessness are two things that I aim to incorporate into every project. 

What gets you up in the morning.

A fresh coffee, but also the promise of blessing and opportunity that each morning brings. I always have an abundance of ideas, so first thing in the morning I am usually chomping at the bit to jump out of bed and get the creativity flowing.  

What are you passionate about.

I absolutely love to create, I feel fulfilled when I do something to make the world a better place. 



Exhibitions & Events

First Coat 2016 - Toowoomba AUS 2016 (Mural Artist)

Brisbane Street Art Festival - Brisbane AUS 2016 (Featured Mural Artist)

This Is That  - Brisbane AUS 2013 (solo show)

ONE - Brisbane AUS 2013 (group show)

AusInFront - Sydney AUS 2013 (group show)


Red Book Art Prize - Finalist

AusInFront VR07 - Finalist