Adam Busby
Graphic Design, Illustration and Murals


Creative space for new projects and projects in progress. All work by myself unless otherwise noted.

Brand new business cards! As the saying goes, the shoemakers children have no shoes. It took me long enough, but finally got around to finishing my business cards. I searched high and low for this paper stock, It is a beautiful 390gsm beermat board. It has a nice light feel but very rigid as well. I was looking for a cream stock, and this one hit the nail on the head, with a subtle texture, this paper just soaked up the ink so well. I was really excited as I decided to  screen print these and I think it really paid off. The ink just sits so soft on the paper and screen printing them just made the black pop and leave the ink feeling tactile on the fingertips. These cards are all about that first touch, the firmness of the paper, the texture of the ink, they are sure to get some great reactions!