Adam Busby
Graphic Design, Illustration and Murals


Creative space for new projects and projects in progress. All work by myself unless otherwise noted.

This print is everyone’s Christmas memory at one point or another. Dad piles you into the car and assures you that the tree will fit firmly on the roof of the 75’ Volvo. “Who needs a trailer, there’s plenty of room up there!”

Each limited edition print is individually screen printed by hand on a luscious thick paper and then individually signed and numbered. I hope you get as much satisfaction as I, when you hold this print in your hand and you can feel and smell the ink that is laid into the weaves of the paper. Unlike digital printing, the traditional methods of screen printing allow the passion and mark of the artist to shine through. Two colour print, on a supple Envirocare 300gsm stock. Get one now at my shop!