Adam Busby
Graphic Design, Illustration and Murals

Pantry 42

Brand identity and motion design for Pantry42, producer of artisanal, locally sourced pantry goods in Tasmania.

The identity is built around the locality of the brand, which underpins the birthplace and also the heart behind where the products are proudly produced and sourced. The horizontal em dashes take reference from the marks on a map that point back to the origin behind the brand name, referencing the latitudinal location of Tasmania (42° South) which when simplified and modernized become a device that allows for flexibility while making a bold statement. The logo is then no longer restricted but becomes dynamic, always keeping its proportions, message and form, but able to adapt to different situations using the strong horizontal lines as an anchor.

Complementing this the palette utilizes tints and shades of grounding colours to add depth and dimension. The cream and sandy tones are able to reference the rich sandstone history of the region of Hobart and greater Tasmania.